Week 3: Copy, SEO, Domain Name Takeaways

1. Keywords

Keywords are crucial to a website because that’s how you get internet traffic to your site. When someone uses Google to search for something, for example, baby cribs, Google searches for the words “baby” and “cribs”. Usually the first suggestion to pop up is the one that gets the most traffic and/or has the most keywords.

Article Link: http://www.wordstream.com/articles/most-expensive-keywords

I found a great article on the most expensive keywords. The most expensive keyword is Insurance. Insurance comes in number one because it is $54.91 CPC (cost per click). It’s incredible! The second most expensive word is Loans, which comes in at $44.28 CPC. The top 10 most expensive words all have to do with finances or companies that deal with a large amount of money. (Of course, I should have known that… money rules!)

Something that I took away from this article is the fact that Google’s revenue is 97% of PPC (pay per click) advertising.

2. Domain Names

As I am interning for my uncle’s business and starting to create his website for him.. I wanted to know a little bit more about domain names and how to register for one, etc. I have already created social media platforms for his company but now the hard part is picking a domain name that will still be relevant to his company. I kind of wish he came up with a domain name before picking out his company name.

Article Link: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Domain_names.aspx

This article gives a brief summary about what domain names are and what they are used for. What I took out of this article is how to choose a domain name and how to register for one. In class we were introduced to domain hosting sites such as AIT or GoDaddy. My uncle’s business is a small sausage company that is just starting out; it just came together this year. So I was really interested on how to begin his website and domain.

3. Search Engine Optimization

YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/ACPUuSIcL6M

I always want to learn about mistakes that are often made so that I can make sure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes. This YouTube video talks about some of the most common mistakes when using SEO.

4. Going beyond Page 1 of Google results

One topic that was brought up and related to my personal experiences was the fact that when people search something on Google, they almost never go on the second page. Instead of continuing on in the Google results, they just retype what they’re searching for in the search bar. There has been plenty of times when I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the first page of Google and instead just reworded what I wanted into the search bar.

Article Link: http://www.gravitateonline.com/google-search/2nd-place-1st-place-loser-seriously

This article pretty much sums up about a research that Chitika Insights did. Their research included click through rates on the first and second page. Their result was that in over 8 million clicks, 94% of users clicked on the results on the first page, and only 6% actually clicked on the second page.

5. Racy Ads

Another topic that was brought up during the lecture was racy ads. No… not car race ads, but ads with sex appeal and used sex as their ad. One of the examples that was given was GoDaddy. GoDaddy is domain hosting site, and well known for their TV advertisements involving half naked women.

Article Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/with-ceo-ouster-will-american-apparel-lose-its-racy-ads/

This article talks about American Apparel and what it’s CEO thinks of their racy ads. American Apparel is known for their key fashion clothing, expensive taste, and nudity. But when is there a point when nudity in advertising becomes unethical and morally wrong? American Apparel CEO says, “Sex is inextricably linked to fashion and apparel,” Charney told the public-radio show Marketplace earlier this year. “And it has been and always will be. And our clothing is connected to our sexual expression so of course, advertising related to clothing, there’s going to be a sexual connection forever, whether it’s Calvin Klein, American Apparel, or brands we haven’t even contemplated.” Interesting, I’d say.


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