Week 3: Marketing Plans Takeaways

1. Marketing Research


In this video, it explains the importance of marketing research. According to the video, marketing research is the function that links the consumer to the marketer through information. It’s important for a company to research their target market to see what the consumers think about the company, feel about the company, company products, and company services. With marketing research, it can help the company run smoothly and create a connection with its consumers.

2. Syndicated Research

Article Link: http://www.marketstrategies.com/blog/2014/04/what-is-syndicated-research-and-what-are-the-benefits/

I found this great article on what a syndicated research is. This topic was briefly brought up during the lecture and left me questioning as to what it is, and what it has to offer. When it comes to syndicated research, there are two types: custom research and syndicated research. Custom research is conducted by a single client company and the results are for the client. While, on the other hand, syndicated research is a firm that has conducted marketing research that can be used by many different companies in the same industry. Syndicated research can help improve and grow a company by the information the firm gathers, such as: information and analysis about the market, customer and behavior, product usage, emerging trends, and other industry topics. A company can use this information to strengthen and grow their marketing strategy and increase sales.

3. Positioning

Nowadays, companies are coming out with products that are the same or similar to other products. But what makes one product better than the other when they’re the alike? This is where positioning comes into play. Positioning in marketing is how to make your product or service stand out and be different from the other companies that sell the same or similar product or service.


I found a great YouTube clip on how to position your product or service. In the video, it also gives examples of companies that have positioned themselves in the market and how they’re successful.

4. Data collection vs. Data analysis

I found an interesting video on YouTube about BigQuery. BigQuery is a service that enables interactive analysis of massively large datasets using Google storage. This video is actually a live discussion with Michael Manoochehri and Ryan Boyd. The 30 minute video consists of how BigQuery is able to collect data and analyze the data.

5. Dove – Nike – Toyota Campaigns 

Throughout all of Mike’s Marketing classes, I am always in awe when he shows the Dove, Nike, and Toyota commercials. To be honest, I feel like it seems like faith in humanity has been restored. I love in the Dove and Nike videos, they’re not actually selling any products.. but instead selling emotions and getting to people’s emotions. Although a lot of companies may not take the same approach, these companies have positioned their brand, product, and services in a way that makes them unique and different from other companies.

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