Week 4: Marketing Plans and Mission Statements Takeaways

1. Client Interview vs. Job Interview

With today being the first day where we were introduced to our group practice project, we talked briefly about questions to ask, what to wear for a client interview, and how to ask questions. One thing that really stood out in my mind was what to wear to a client interview versus a job interview. I’ve learned a lot about job interview apparel and assumed it would be the same for a client interview. I think that when dressing for a client interview, it can be a little bit more informal than you would for a job interview. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go wear sweats and a sweatshirt for a client interview. Client interviews are different from a job interview because you’re not selling yourself (like in a job interview). I really liked the three articles that Laura had shared with the class on client interview apparel. (Link is posted in student resource website)

2. How to market a business

So if you’re starting out with a new business, how do you market yourself? How do you position yourself in the market? In the following article, it gives 10 ways of how to market your small business. One of the things that I took away from the article is that if a small company collaborates with another company, it is another way to get your business name out there into the community.

Article Link: http://blogs.constantcontact.com/fresh-insights/market-your-small-business/

3. Mission Statement

A mission statement is so important to a company. It’s a short summary of what your business is and what it’s purpose is. Often times, the mission statement can be why a company exists.

Article Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickhull/2013/01/10/answer-4-questions-to-get-a-great-mission-statement/

I found an article that lists 4 of the most important questions that a mission statement should answer without actually answering. The 4 questions are: What do we do? How do we do it? Whom do we do it for? and What value are we bringing? If your mission statement can answer these 4 questions without answering it, your mission statement is great! Mission statements should be clear, concise, and simple.

4. Differentiation

Differentiation in marketing means to create products or services that can gain competitive advantage in a specific market segment. For example, iPhone has gain competitive advantage over the mobile smartphone market segments.

Article Link: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/examples-differentiation-marketing-25678.html

This article summarizes different ways a company can make their product or service be different and stand out from competitors. Some of these ways include: practical differences, eye-catching luxury, marketing to a demographic, and building an overall image.

5. Site Specification 

Article Link: http://www.bluefountainmedia.com/blog/how-to-write-a-specifications-document/

I found a great article that summarizes what a site specification is and what should be included in one. A site specifications should always include core goals, values, and intent.

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